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Waste incinerator Units.

Since many years the human community realize that it´s evident to find a proper way to handle the waste we produce.

TEE is convinced that incineration is the best and safest way to treat the waste under efficient and environmental friendly controlled conditions.

Digging and forget - as done in the past - is not the solution.

Based on our expiriences made in close discussion with end user- we´ve developed and designed an incinerator system which fit to today´s needs in relation of complete and stable combustion and also in relation of transport, assembly and Operation.

Medical waste

Solid waste

Liquid waste

Incineration process

"SANITARY Ltd. thanks TEE GmbH for the very good cooperation and values the contribution of experience and knowledge and appreciate their professional Manpower and the short term delivery of many Equipment"

- Sanitary GEORGIA and BP GEORGIA-

Standardizied incinerator units

TEE offer standardizied incinerator Units with capacity from 50kg/h up to 500kg/h. Smaller Units can be installed inside a Container or at platform.

Incineration of solid, liquid, geseous waste products from municipal, Hospital, production and so on.

Different available extras allow the most proper combination to meet customers configuration for most efficient and comfortable Operation.